Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

Ricoh Arena's Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Policy

The Ricoh Arena recognises that as a modern business, we have a number of responsibilities, and are accountable for impacts upon society and the environment that arise through the products and services we provide. Corporate Sustainability is a number one priority to us here at the Ricoh Arena and we are extremely committed to managing and monitoring our environmental impact.

Sustaining our environment

We fully recognise that our actions impact upon the environment and since opening in 2005, the Ricoh Arena has undertaken a number of successful projects which mitigates these effects and positively works towards achieving sustainable development.


Achievements since 2005:

Created an Energy Management Team for staff and tenants

  • Created a fun “Switch off” mascot in the style of a light switch to raise awareness amongst staff, tenants and the local community.
  • Installation of over 200 automated Meter Readers (AMR) for water, gas, and electricity. The readings give 30 minute, daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption usages.
  • Installation of LED Lighting which assists with our electricity consumption reduction
  • Optimisation units on all equipment
  • Carbon footprint reduction by 23%
  • Gas consumption reduction of 38,805 M3
  • Water consumption reduction 2008/2009 8,705 M3, equating to a 11.9 per cent reduction.



  • Energy Management Policy
  • Automated Meter Reading – Stadium as a whole
  • Mayday Network
  • West Midlands Low Carbon Employee Engagement Award – 2010
  • Carbon Trust Standard – 2010, following our reduction and management of Carbon Emissions.
  • Finalist in Excellence in Carbon reduction – 2011
  • Display Energy Certification (DEC), Score 90, Rated D
  • Joint first in the Performance League Table CRC ( Energy Efficiency Scheme)
  • Carbon Emissions 2010 / 2011 – 6814 Tons of CO2


Our Environmental Impact

We are regularly managing and monitoring our environmental and social impact, and are determined to develop and improve our environmental awareness.

The Ricoh Arena is currently working on and towards a number of projects that will maintain and grow our environmental and sustainability performance.

  • Composing and developing a corporate Environmental & Sustainability Policy
  • Working towards the ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
  • Working towards the BS8901 (Sustainability Management System)
  • Exploring the possibility of Wind Turbine
  • Exploring the possibility of Solar Panels
  • Exploring the possibility of Harvesting Rain Water, to use in toilets and for the pitch irrigation system.


Customers, Community, Health and Safety


We seek to deliver our customers with a service that is of the highest quality.

Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of our people and customers is of the highest priority and cannot be compromised. Our objective is to have a workplace, stadium, business conference and exhibition centre free of incidents and injuries. Health and Safety Policies are being constantly reviewed and adjusted where appropriate to accomplish this objective.


We endeavour to be a good corporate neighbour, recognising our responsibility to work in partnership with our surrounding community.

Membership of “Green” organisations:

  • Carbon Trust Standard
  • Participant in CRC
  • Mayday Network activity in the West Midlands