Childline Rocks

14 Oct 2012

On Sunday 14th Ocotber 2012 you could be part of one of the biggest guiter events in recent memory, when a massive FOUR guitar World Records are attempted and it's all in the name of Charity!

Childline Rocks

Childline Rocks are looking for more than 7000 Guitarists to turn up to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry to attempt to break these records:

  • The largest Air Guitar ensemble
  • The largest music lesson
  • The largest ELECTRIC Guitar ensemble
  • The largest ensemble of guitar amplifiers

The event will be hosted by Suzi Perry and Thunder/The Union guitarist Luke Morley is the musical director for the day.

There will be bands, entertainment and special guests on the day to keep you entertained between world record attempts. All you need to do is bring your guitar and a guitar lead - you'll get a MARSHALL MS-2 MICRO AMP to use on the day, which will be yours to keep afterwards.

1. To take part you need to register via the link below. It costs £30 but that includes a Marshall MS-2 Amp

2. Open up a Just Giving account and get your mates to sponsor you to try to raise as much money for Childline Rocks as possible (there's no minimum pledge - just try to raise as much as you can)

3. Spread the word - Childline Rocks needs as many guitarists to turn up as possible and smash those world records.

You can register to take part in the event at the link below:


And you can set up a JUST GIVING account below to start raising sponsorship.


There are a limited number of O2 VIP Mosh Pit Tables available. To find out more about these tables email

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