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Coventry Cathedral

Coventry has been a centre of prayer and worship for over 1000 years. The Priory Church of St Mary became Coventry's first Cathedral in 1102, reputedly established on the site of the Anglo-Saxon St Osburg's Nunnery.

A place of welcome and hospitality

People come to this Cathedral for many reasons and we try to cater for them all. Some come to visit as tourists, some to pray or light a candle. Others come seeking information about the building, its art treasures and architecture, or people they know who are commemorated here - there are guided tours available to help. Others come as pilgrims, moved by the history and the reconciliation ministry. Some are seeking a listening ear - there is always someone here to talk to. Benedicts refectory is open daily for refreshments.

The Cathedral is open to visitors daily all year round.

Coventry Cathedral charges for admission to the 'New' Cathedral. Charges do not apply on Sundays, nor during the week if your main purpose in coming to the Cathedral is to pray.

Charges are £7.00 per adult, with concessions for children, students, senior citizens and family groups. For a full list of charges and concessions, please click here. If you are able to gift aid your donation, that will increase its value to us by 25 pence for every pound sterling and enable you to come back as often as you want at no extra charge for a whole year. (Seniors, children, and students can enjoy free entrance for a year by adding just £2.00 to the cost of their admission ticket.)

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