Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2013

10TH APRIL - 11TH APRIL 2013

Med-Tech Innovation is a leading magazine, website and event platform for the UK and Irish medical device research, design and manufacturing community. It is the only information resource that provides dedicated technical, product, industry, academic and association content for and about the UK and Irish marketplace.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2013

Med-Tech Innovation fulfils an otherwise unmet need in that it brings all elements of the industry together in one media platform and its subscribers are a clearly defined, highly specialised audience.

Its unique position coupled with its experienced and knowledgeable staff have created a premier position for the brand in a relatively short period of time and Med-Tech innovation is now delighted to announce the launch of Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2013 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on 10-11 April 2013.

There is currently no other 100% dedicated medical device manufacturing trade show in the UK. Given that the industry is so highly regulated and its research, design, development and manufacturing is so unique, Med-Tech Innovation Expo will meet the need for a specialist, focused event.

The Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has set out in its Strategy for UK Life Sciences prospectus its goals and aspiration for the UK medical technology industry. A new scheme called the BioMedical Catalyst sees the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) coming together with a £180 million fund available to support medical technology innovation between clinicians, academics and industry. It has the support and backing from the Prime Minister down.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo 2013 will be a brand new, exciting platform that will further push and facilitate the essential networking and business opportunities the sector has to offer in the UK and on a global scale.

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