Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

20TH JUNE 2013

Bruce Springsteen at the Ricoh Arena

Another night to remember at the Ricoh Arena

Thirty-eight thousand fans enjoyed a feast of songs from Bruce Springsteen in another night to remember at the Ricoh Arena.

Along with his E Street Band, the rocker was on stage for three hours 20 minutes without a break as the crowd was taken on a glorious journey through his career-defining tracks with Born in the USA and Dancing in the Dark particular favourites with his fans.

The highlight of the show was Bruce and the band playing the Born to Run Album from start to finish in memory of their good friend The Sopranos actor James Gandolfini.

Two young volunteers went on stage to meet the great man himself with another older fan getting his wish for “a man hug” as Bruce inter-acted with his fans in a wonderful manner.

Liz Cooper, marketing director at the Ricoh Arena, said: “Bruce Springsteen was definitely The Boss!

“We have never had the main band or singer play for so long before at the Ricoh Arena but it wasn’t a surprise his set lasted so long since he has a huge catalogue of songs.

“I don’t think anyone will have been disappointed by the show whether you were one of his die-hard fans from America or you live in Coventry.

“This was a really special night at the Ricoh and the reaction from the sell-out crowd emphasised how much Bruce Springsteen is loved by his fans.

“It was fantastic to see another sell-out gig in the stadium bowl at the Ricoh Arena and we will continue to work hard to bring more world-class musicians to the city.”


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