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Olympic 2012 Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a number of FAQs which will may help with your Olympic enquiries


Q - Once I am at the stadium can I pay by any other card other than Visa debit or Visa credit?

A – No, if you don’t have either of these we strongly recommend that you bring cash to the matches. If you do require cash once on site there is a cash machine in the on site Casino next to the main entrance however please be aware this can only be accessed by adults over 18.

Alternatively there are plenty of cash machines at the Tescos retail park adjacent to the stadium.


Q. Where do I park as I understand all of the car parks on site at the City of Coventry Stadium won’t be available?

A- Yes that is correct. There won’t be any parking available on site here at the City of Coventry Stadium. If you log onto you can pre book your parking for the off-site car parks.

Q- Which is the nearest car park to the stadium and how much is it?

A – Holbrook is within an 8 minute walk to the City of Coventry Stadium, parking spaces are £5.00 + Booking Fee of £2.50.

Q – If this car park is full what are my other options?

A – There are a number of alternative off-site car parks, when one is full a further car park will go on sale. In addition there are the normal car parks in the city centre available. There is also a free regular bus shuttle service running from the city centre to the stadium, picking up from the train station and pool meadow bus station.


Q – What other ways can I travel to the stadium?

A – The modes of transport available are; Train- then a free bus shuttle from the train station to the stadium. Car – Local car parks available (see above). Cycle- 150 secure bike racks available. Taxi- a taxi rank is in operation throughout the games day in the Tesco retail park adjacent to the stadium. You can also access the stadium via a number of public footpaths if you would prefer to walk.

Q- Can I easily access transport for the return journey?

A- All the park & walk car parks are within easy walking distance. The free bus shuttle service to the city centre will be operated throughout games day and long after the final whistle. A taxi rank is also in operation in the Tesco retail park adjacent to the stadium

Q – Can I drop a friend or a relative off or can I get a taxi to drop me off at the stadium?

A- No, there will not be a drop off or collection point at the stadium. There will be a drop off and collection point (private and taxis) at the Tescos retail park

Q- What time and how often will the shuttle bus service run from the train and bus station?

A- Buses will run regularly from three hours out prior to start of any match.

For a double header this will be three hours prior to the start of the first match. Post-match shuttle buses will run up to two hours afterwards.

The buses will run up to every two and a half minutes, adjusted according to


Every third bus has a low load platform and is accessibility friendly. There will also be fully accessible shuttles from the railway station, only on demand from two hours before the first match and two hours afterwards.


Q – What time do I need to plan to get to the stadium if I am parking and I have purchased a hospitality ticket?

A – Please be aware you will need to allow an additional 30 minutes to park and walk to the stadium. You will be able to access the hospitality areas 3 hours before the kick off so plan to arrive at the car park 3.5 to 3 hours before kick off.

Q – What time do I need to plan to arrive if I have purchased a normal match ticket?

A – If you have parked off site, allow 2.5 hours before kick off , 30 minutes to get here from the car park and then be aware of the extensive security arrangements so full body searches ie ‘pat down’ will apply to everyone, which will take some time before you can physically enter the stadium. As this is an Olympic event and to ensure your safety, your planning should be similar to going to an airport to board a flight.


Q. – Who will be searched, how will the search be carried out and what can I bring inside the stadium with me?

A – Everyone who enters the stadium will be searched whether you have purchased a general stand ticket or hospitality. Stewards will operate a ’pat down’ policy. We advise that no one brings bags or any bottles of fluids over 100ml or umbrellas into the venue

Q.- It’s been reported in the press we can’t bring umbrellas is this right?

A.- Small handbag umbrellas would be acceptable

Food and Drink

Q – Will I be able to purchase food and drinks when I am at the stadium?

A – For general admission the concourse retail areas will be open throughout the matches including the time in-between the double header games. For those that have purchased hospitality tickets, refreshments will be available depending on what package you chosen.


Q- For the double headers what will happen in between matches can we go out and come back in?

A – Unfortunately there is no re admission for double header matches


Q - Can I purchase a ticket just for one match, even if it’s a double header?

A – Yes however there is only one price so it’s the same for double headers, you get 2 for the price of one.

Q- I have been told I can collect tickets I have purchased through the London 2012 website from the stadium, when and how can I do this?

A-. You can collect your tickets on the match day you have purchased tickets for, from the ticket collection point located within Car Park D.


Q – What do I do if I need to bring medication with me to the games?

A – This is absolutely fine, but you will need to bring a letter of authorisation from your GP or Consultant detailing what the medication is and what for. You should also bring the medication in its original bottle so that the security can check the authenticity against the letter.

Childcare items

Q. – Can we bring a pushchair / buggy into the stadium?

A – Unfortunately there is no provision to store or place push chairs here at the City of Coventry Stadium, we understand that the general enquiries line at London 2012 has been informing people that this is acceptable. This service is venue specific and some venues have this and others do not, here at the City of Coventry Stadium we are advising people NOT to bring them.

Q – Are there any Baby Changing facilities on site?

A – Yes there are baby changing facilities within each of the stands of the City of Coventry Stadium.

London 2012 Ticket Office Opening Hours

Please see below a list of Opening Times for the London 2012 Box Office at the City of Coventry Stadium.

Here you will be able to collect tickets as well as purchasing tickets for that days match, depending upon availability.

25th July - 12:00 – 20:30

26th July - 14:15 – 21:30

27th July - 10:00 – 18:00

28th July - 10:00 – 15:30

29th July - 9:30 – 18:00

30th July - 10:00 – 18:00

31st July - 14:45 – 20:30

1st August - 12:00 – 20:30

2nd August - 10:00 – 18:00

3rd August - 14:45 – 20:15

4th August - 10:00 – 18:00

5th August - 10:00 – 18:00

6th August - 10:00- 18:00

7th August - 10:00 – 18:00

8th August - 10:00 – 18:00

9th August - TBC

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