Match Day SIA Door Supervisor

30 Nov 2017

SIA Door Supervisor roles


Role: SIA Door Supervisor

Team: Response Team or Stewarding Operation

Company: Arena Coventry Limited

Location: The Ricoh Arena, Foleshill, Coventry.

Reports to: Stadium Safety Officer


To assist the Safety Officer to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the safety of everyone attending events at The Ricoh Arena, in accordance with the Safety Certificate; Premises Licence; terms and conditions and ACL’s Policy Statement of Safety.


The post holder shall be employed on a casual basis, shall report directly to the Response Team Manager on behalf of the Safety Officer and is responsible for the safety of spectators at a range of events and sporting activities, utilising the skills and qualification of a badged SIA Door Supervisor.


  • The SIA Door Supervisor will be in or adjacent to the ground at all times during an activity and will be available by radio or telephone at all times.
  • Ensure that safety checks and other pre-event duties are carried out prior to the activity, and all breaches of the Safety Certificate are reported to the Safety Officer.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor will attend any and all briefings as required for an event.
  • Provide to the Safety Officer, all required records and to report all incidents and defects in writing to the Safety Officer via the Response Manager.
  • After each event, the SIA Door Supervisor shall advise of any lessons learnt which should be taken into account of in planning the next fixture.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor will attend training as necessary, and as required by Arena Coventry Ltd to ensure their competence and ability to fulfil the role.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor will, at their own expense, ensure they maintain suitable registration (for example SIA Licence) to enable them to carry out their duties.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor must book in at the time stipulated by the Safety Officer and not stand down until instructed by their Supervisor.
  • On booking in the SIA Door Supervisor must collect the correct jacket and any other equipment required to carry out their duties and be in possession of their Safety Handbook.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor must be correctly attired and smart in appearance. Do not lean, stand with hands in pockets or sit whilst on duty, unless express permission has been given by a Supervisor to sit as part of a specific duty.
  • After booking in, the SIA Door Supervisor must report immediately for briefing and deployment, ensuring they are fully conversant with their duties and action required in an emergency situation.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor must take their duties seriously - never be complacent, the safety of spectators is paramount. SIA Door Supervisors are paid to carry out a specific duty and should not expect as a right to see all or any of the events. The SIA Door Supervisor will be expected to enforce the Ground Regulations.
  • Upon taking up their post the SIA Door Supervisor should familiarise themselves with the location of the nearest fire alarm, fire extinguisher, emergency telephone and Medical Personnel. Also check that there are no loose bars, bricks etc. that could be used as weapons.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor should be courteous to spectators and direct them to their allotted seats/areas, keeping gangways, entrances and emergency exits clear at all time.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor must at all times obey instructions given by the Safety Officer, his Deputy, the Chief Steward or any Supervisor and in an emergency situation any Police Officer.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor must never leave his/her post without the express permission of a Supervisor, or unless relieved by another steward.
  • Any incident amongst spectators must be reported to the Supervisor or Event Control Room, including overcrowding, signs of distress, general disturbances, drunkenness and any other behaviour likely to affect safety or public order.
  • In the case of fire or other emergencies, the SIA Door Supervisor will be expected to set off the nearest fire alarm and attempt to contain the fire by using the necessary equipment, without putting themselves in unnecessary danger.
  • Any found or seized property, or any sums of money received by or on behalf of ACL, must be handed in.
  • Jackets and any other issued equipment must be handed in at the end of an event, and before going off duty.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor must not bring or allow any person, including children, to enter the ground without payment.
  • The SIA Door Supervisor will undertake any other duties as required by the Safety Officer to ensure the efficient and safe management of attendees to the venue.



  • SIA Door Supervisor Licence
  • Ability to work flexibly
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent Communication skills
  • NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety (or working towards)


  • First Aid qualification
  • Knowledge of Health & Safety Legislation


  • Working in a diverse crowd management operation
  • Working in the Event / Spectator sectors


  • Extremely well organised
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Good team player
  • Positive work ethic – may need to work anti-social hours
  • Remain calm in stressful situations

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