Date: 16 Feb 2015


Mike Newman, a former bank manager turned daredevil, is the fastest blind man on the planet.

Going fast is his obsession. He broke the first land speed record on a motorbike, went on to three land speed records in a car, recently adding the water speed record, not forgetting a world aerobatic record, flying the greatest number of consecutive loop the loops.

These experiences led him to set up the charity Speed of Sight and Mike will be dropping in to the p-LUSH Show to support the Speed of Light stand that will be fundraising for the charity.

The p-LUSH Show celebrates natural fibres and British design and makers. It runs alongside the British Alpaca Futurity, the largest alpaca show in Europe.

After five years in the planning, Speed Of Sight has had their first race car designed and built, which allows people with disabilities to enjoy the excitement and thrill of driving around a race track.

The first track car, named Usher, after team member Mike Newman's first Guide Dog, will be the first of ten cars especially designed with dual controls, twin steering wheels, hand controls and a hoist to enable people to get in and out. Moving forward as more of the cars come on stream, the charity will offer track days for people nationwide.

Diagnosed with glaucoma as a child, Newman lost his sight at the age of eight.

He said: “I started riding motorcycles when I was pushing 40 and I just went from there. I moved on to cars after that and I've loved it. People love all types of different sports but for me it was always motorsport. I love the engines, the smells, the noises which come with it. I love all the elements and just because I can't see, it doesn't detract from the experience.”

Mike is due at the p-LUSH Show and British Alpaca Futurity 2015 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, at 10am on Friday, March 27.