F-T.E.N. (Focus, Time, Energy, Negativity) Academy Sat 25 Jan and Sun 26 Jan

25 Jan 2020 - 26 Jan 2020

An ex-Royal Marine from Coventry who survived an explosion whilst on active service in Afghanistan is holding an event in his home city to try and help people make 2020 their ‘breakthrough’ year.

Lee Stuart is launching his F-T.E.N. (Focus, Time, Energy, Negativity) Academy event at Ricoh Arena on Saturday 25 January and Sunday 26 January, where he’ll be hosting a series of motivational seminars around personal development.

The event will centre on improving an individual’s focus and motivation, time management, energy levels (physical, mental and emotional) and developing a stronger and more powerful mindset.

The F-T.E.N. Academy is new territory for Lee after spending the last ten years running a successful fitness business called Go Commando Bootcamp – delivering fitness sessions every week at Cardinal Newman School.

But the 42-year-old’s foray into the fitness and wellbeing sector was borne out of tragic circumstances.

In 2007 Lee was wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade whilst defending a hydroelectric dam in Kajaki, Helmand Province, from Taliban attack. Although being fortunate enough to escape with shrapnel injuries, the hearing loss Lee suffered in the explosion put an end to his career as a frontline Marine.

It was whilst going through the process of being discharged from the Marines that Lee devised a business plan for Go Commando Bootcamp that saw him successfully establish a company that was soon   generating six figures – despite the fact he had no prior business experience or training.

Lee, who currently trains around 150 people per week in Coventry, said: “F-T.E.N. Academy is about helping people unearth energy and talents that they never realised they had. It was a process I went through myself when I left the Marines – and much of it comes from developing your sense of confidence and self-belief.

“Then, once you’ve got that positive mindset, you just need to know how to sustain your focus and motivation, maintain your energy levels and manage your time better. Do that, and then there’s no reason why you can’t go on to achieve big things, even if you’re already really busy with work and family commitments.

“Many people have had a time in their life when they’ve had a big idea – be it forging a new career for themselves or running a marathon. They start off enthusiastically pursuing this new goal but then, not long after, that feeling of motivation begins to wane.

“Essentially, that’s what F-T.E.N. Academy addresses – maintaining that feeling of energy and motivation long enough to see an idea become a reality.

“At the event I’ll be talking a lot about positive mindsets and self-limiting beliefs, physiology, exercise, nutrition and meditation, and how mastery in these areas can greatly increase your chances of achieving your goals.

“There’ll be a session on how to ‘exercise your mind’ in order to maintain good mental health as well as a talk and Q&A about how I got my business off the ground with very little in the way of time and resources.

“Christmas and New Year is when a lot of people get more reflective and question the direction they are heading in, but don’t necessarily act on it. So, if anyone out there feels a bit lost, stuck in a rut, or lacking direction – please come along and check out my event.

“It’s completely free of charge so you’ve got nothing to lose.”

Attendees will be given an introduction to each module on day one and then explore each subject further on day two.

Lee will be sharing all of his life lessons from 20-plus years in the Marines and in business, and there’ll be lots of opportunities to ask questions.

For more information about the free two-day event, visit www.leestuart.com


Notes to editors:

Ricoh Arena is one of the UK’s most versatile venues for live sport, music, conferences and exhibitions, putting the Midlands on the map as a leading destination for events.

The venue boasts a 32,000-seater stadium bowl alongside the 6,000 square metre Ericsson Indoor Arena and 80 versatile suites for meetings. There is also an onsite 121-bedroom DoubleTree by Hilton hotel and Grosvenor casino.

The Coventry-based venue is within a two-hour car journey of 75 per cent of the UK, and is twenty minutes away from Birmingham Airport.