Go Diving Show

22 Feb 2019 - 24 Feb 2019

Diving. A surreal experience where you can effortlessly move in three-dimensions, often cited as being the nearest you can get to flying. Have you ever harboured an innate desire to give it a go? Has the stunning visuals from Blue Planet II whetted your appetite to venture into the undersea realm? Whatever your age, now you can come and experience snorkelling and diving for the first time at GO Diving.

You will find a host of experts on hand to answer those questions you were perhaps always too afraid to ask, and the Inspiration Stage will host talks aimed at dispelling some of the myths around freediving and scuba diving, giving even more reasons why you would want to learn to freedive or scuba dive.

BBC presenters Andy Torbet, Miranda Krestovnikoff and Monty Halls will be taking to the main stage to talk about their diving experiences, from frolicking with seals off the Northumberland coast, spending months in the Galapagos Islands with family in tow to exploring deep within a flooded Finnish mine.

There are two huge heated pools manned by dedicated dive professionals eager to guide you as you take your first breaths underwater, or don a mask and snorkel to see what is going on beneath the surface.

Want to experience what an adrenalin-fuelled shark dive in the Bahamas feels like without even getting your feet wet? Venture into our Discovery Channel Virtual Reality booths and get in the middle of the action!

Come and explore our challenging caving experience, where you will don kneepads and a helmet with torch to crawl and wriggle through 30 metres of winding tunnel. Experts will be on hand to discuss dry caving and cave diving, and help guide you through the cave system.

Existing divers are also well catered for at GO Diving, with dedicated sections focusing on the disciplines of Freediving, Technical Diving and Underwater Photography. Think your trim is up to scratch? Got your S-drills nailed? Navigation in the bag? Come and showcase your abilities at our interactive sessions – and see if you can beat the industry pros!

And it is not just for adults! There’s an area for The Next Generation of scuba divers, all those keen kids and talented teens already attracted to the underwater world, or who want to find out how to get involved in the first place.

There are also a plethora of stands from major diving equipment manufacturers, training agencies, dive specialist tour operators, RIB builders, resorts, liveaboards, dive centres and much more to wander round and gather even more inspiration for embarking on your next adventure, or joining the diving fraternity.