Warhammer Fest UK

11 May 2019 - 12 May 2019

Warhammer Fest is a two-day celebration of the world’s greatest tabletop wargames and the people who make and play them.  

Drawing fans from all around the world, Warhammer Fest celebrates every aspect of the Warhammer hobby, from the competitive to the creative. Tabletop generals can test their skills in a host of gaming events, ranging from the intense, squad-based combat of Kill Team to tactical card battling with Warhammer Underworlds.

Painters and builders can check out the latest Warhammer models with a number of first-look reveals and the chance to speak to miniatures designers. Fans of the universes and stories of Warhammer have the chance to meet authors and writers in a series of seminars and signings across the weekend.  

Warhammer Fest is also home to the world-famous Golden Demon painting competition. Having run since the 1980s, the contest is a great chance for miniatures painters to secure glory, or for the very best, the prestigious Slayer Sword. Even for those who don’t paint, it’s a great chance to see some incredible miniatures on display.  

Lastly, Warhammer Fest plays host to a number of partners who work with Warhammer. Visitors have the chance to check out the latest Warhammer video games from the makers of critically-acclaimed titles like Vermintide and Battlefleet Gothic, read Warhammer comics, get t-shirts and more.  

Whether you’re a Warhammer veteran or just starting your journey, Warhammer Fest is an incredible experience.