Youth Sport Trust Annual Conference

28 Feb 2019

The Youth Sport Trust 2019 Conference will focus on what it means to transform education and schools through Physical Education, sport and play. Radical, innovative thinking is needed to ensure we educate young people in a sustainable and healthy way. This Conference will showcase evidence and examples of how schools are doing this. Schools and their leaders from across our membership network of more than 4,000 schools will talk through how they are transforming the lives of their students through the strategic and innovative use of PE, sport and physical activity. The highlights from our 2018 Conference can be found here.

You will also get to hear from thought-leading experts, industry leaders, educational thinkers and key decision makers. Keynote speakers confirmed so far include Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman. Workshops and speeches throughout the day will focus on:

Transforming PE - Thinking differently about how curriculum PE and extra-curricular activities are delivered and what the outcomes of the subject should be.

Transforming wellbeing and life chances - Unlocking the potential of sport, PE and physical activity to improve every young person's wellbeing, cognition and readiness to learn, helping them to succeed in exams and in life.

Transforming culture - Tackling inequalities and building inclusive cultures by using sport to develop qualities like respect, tolerance, acceptance, resilience and leadership.