SPATEX 2020 - the UK’s wet leisure Show to splashdown at the Ricoh Arena

28 Jan 2020 - 30 Jan 2020

SPATEX 2020 - the UK’s wet leisure Show to splashdown at the Ricoh Arena

A sparkling showcase of one-piece swimming pools, exercise spas with counter water currents and massaging hot tubs with music and hundreds of other gadgets will be on display at SPATEX 2020 – the UK’s only dedicated wet leisure show – which is at the Ricoh Arena’s Ericsson Exhibition Hall from Tuesday, January 28th to Thursday, January 30th. Never before have there been so many swimming pools and spas and hot tubs on display – it’s a feast for the eyes and open to all.

With SPATEX’s 2020 theme Go Green, expect to see lots of new products promoting a reduced energy, low carbon footprint, from the latest heat pumps to an above ground insulated panel pool made of recycled plastic bottles.

The latest innovations mean that prices are coming down and swimming in your own back garden is becoming more and more affordable. According to the Industry’s watchdog, The Swimming Pool & Allied Trade Association (SPATA), the UK’s residential swimming pool market, which covers anything from hot tubs to outdoor and indoor swimming pools, is worth £500 million a year.

Michele Bridle, event organiser of SPATEX, said: “The demand for home swimming products has been on the rise for several years as people opt for staycations with their families, and see swimming pools, hot tubs and spas as a long-term investment.

 “One-piece swimming pools are making it easier and quicker to install, as well as being cheaper to run. All that is needed is a pre-prepared hole to which the pool is lowered in, this is then backfilled with soil and filled with water and hey presto – your pool is ready for swimmers within a week of installation!

“Hot tubs are remaining popular as ever as more people become aware of their health benefits. As well as providing a relaxing sensation, they have been proven to cure insomnia, relieve arthritic and rheumatic pain, and lower blood pressure.

“Swim spas, otherwise known as exercise spas, are proving popular as they are great if space is limited and provide an alternative way for Brits to work out. These offer a counter water current, enabling the user to swim or jog against the current to maximise exercise.”

SPATEX is also a great source of free learning: the double seminar and workshop programme offers 44 new topics on the subject of water leisure. Many of these will be promoting new ways of saving energy. 

Visitors can turn up to SPATEX at the Ricoh Arena on the day, free of charge. For more information about SPATEX and to register for free, visit The Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry CV6 6GE is easy to get to - just 500 yards off the M6 and within two hours commuting time of 75 per cent of the population, it offers 2,000 free on-site car parking spaces.