Stepback! 80s

22 Dec 2018


Stepback 80’s concert is back and this time its Christmas!

The worlds biggest 80s concert is coming to the Ricoh Arena on Saturday 22nd December and one of the most successful female bands in the world, Bananarama, have just been announced! 

The pop-duo have been confirmed as the headline act of the StepBack! 80s Christmas Concert. They will be joined by one of the strongest lineups ever seen, featuring TONY HADLEY, ABC, BONNIE TYLER, GO WEST, THE SELECTER, CHESNEY HAWKES, KATRINA (from Katrina and the waves), BLACK LACE and more to be announced! So dust off the leg warmers, crimp those ponytails and get ready to enjoy an evening of nonstop 80s. Hosted by Nigel Freeman from Smooth Breakfast Radio Coventry.

80s music fans are set to see a different side to one of the era’s stand-out performers when he takes to the stage in Coventry this Christmas.

Tony Hadley is performing at the StepBack! 80s Christmas Concert inside the Ricoh Arena’s Ericsson Indoor Arena on Saturday, December 22, and is coming equipped with some new material up his sleeve.

The former Spandau Ballet lead singer has recently released a new solo album called Talking To The Moon, and is preparing to treat fans to some of his new pop-rock tracks in between belting out 80s classics such as Gold, True and Through the Barricades.

Speaking ahead of his date in Coventry, Hadley said: “Nostalgia concerts are great fun and are essentially indoor festivals. I’m especially looking forward to the Christmas concert in Coventry because everybody’s going to be the party spirit.

“The question I’m always asked since I went solo is can I still sing the classic songs? Yes I can, and yes I do, but I will be throwing in a couple of songs from the new album as well.

“I love being in the studio but the best moments for me are when I walk on to that stage – I have a great band around me and my voice is still in fine fettle, and I feel very lucky to be doing what I do.”

Since Hadley performed in Coventry last October the 58-year-old has wrapped up his new album – which has featured on BBC Radio 2’s Album of the Week and reached number four in the UK Independent Albums Chart.

Hadley has also released two rousing and romanticised singles from his new collection – Tonight Belongs To Us and Take Back Everything.

“I feel like I’m a brand new artist,” added Hadley. “The new album is pop-rock but I’m not someone who likes to dwell on the past – I have tried to incorporate some modern technology in the production.

“A lot of the songs are anthemic – some people have said to me that Take Back Everything sounds like the new James Bond theme tune, but I’m just trying to do things that are slightly different – and have treated each song as though they are standalone singles which is why it has taken a long time.”

As for the name for his latest musical adventure, Hadley revealed: “I’m fascinated by space and science anyway, and where I live in the middle of the countryside there’s no ambient light so the stars at night have that wow factor, and if you get a full moon it’s as clear as a bell.

“At some point in our lives we’ve all looked up at the sky and asked ‘what’s life all about? What are we here for?’ and I thought Talking To The Moon summarised it perfectly.”

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